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Hitech Industries is a leading manufacturer of solvent based and water based polymeric resins for over 25 years. Our resins are predominantly used for Decorative, Industrial, Auto Refinish, Marine, Can and Coil Coatings/ Adhesives/ Construction Chemicals and Composite Industry. We manufacture various types of resins including Alykds Resins, Speciality Alkyds, Speciality Acrylics, Unsaturated Polyester, Saturated Polyester, Epoxy Hardeners. Backed by state of the art research & development laboratories, Hitech provides customized and value added solutions to its customers across the globe.

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The company started its manufacturing facility in 1991, and in over two decades has grown to be a major player in Middle East, Africa, Asia, CIS Region and Europe.
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Hitech Industries FZE

P.O. Box: 16819
Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE
Tel: +9714 883 5181
Fax: +9714 883 5611
Email: crm@hitechresins.com
Website: www.hitechresins.com
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